My Feet

Yes, I take a lot of pictures of my feet. It’s because they’re awesome. They’re awesome because they move me. They take me places. When I go places, I have experiences and when I have experiences, I grow and learn.

They’re awesome because they connect me to the earth and to the moment. When you walk on the grass in bare feet, two things happen.

1 – You are in direct contact with the earth. With your home planet. With the environment in which you live – the environment that, if you think about it, you don’t likely have a lot of physical contact with anymore. How often does your skin touch the ground (now that you’re all grown up)? Do you lay on the grass? Do you sit on the wet sand and dig and splash? Do you walk barefoot in dewy grass? Do you stay outside when it rains?

2 – You are inevitably in the present moment. When you walk barefoot, you are always conscious of where you’re stepping, of the sensations you’re experiencing. Try it. I’m not kidding.