I wrote this poem for my little boy when I was still pregnant.

You and I are a cocoon.
A chrysalis waiting, growing, transforming.

At just the right moment in the constant progression of the universe, we will emerge together from the comfort of this safe place, two unique and individual butterflies. Separate from each other, but forever bound in a way that transcends this existence.

Your birth will be my rebirth and I will enter a place I have often quietly observed. Peeking in the window of motherhood, I have imagined life on the other side. My heart and mind are full of a visceral longing, a drive, to step through the door when our time comes.

All I know for certain at this moment is that it will be unlike any experience either of us have had. It is the next step in the transformation; our natural destiny.

I will follow your lead with commitment and undying love, through the door, into our new life.